BriteBite Bleaching System
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Product ID: L013-01    Category: CURING LIGHT Accessories
BriteBite Bleaching System 
The BriteBite hands free stand and dual arch bleaching tip turn your Hilux 250 Curing LightHilux 250TA Curing LightHilux 600 Curing Light or the Hilux 601 Curing Light into a cost effective stand alone dental whitening system. The new acrylic bleaching guide covers both arches in a 20 minute session while the stand holds the curing light handgun in position allowing you to perform high profit light activated bleaching with low labor cost and no dedicated equipment. 
Extra Dual Arch Bleaching Tips are available. The Dual Arch Bleaching Tips are not autoclavable and should be cleaned using a cold sterilant such as Medica 28 Plus Cold Sterilant from First Medica.
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  • Item #: L013-01

BriteBite Bleaching System

Price: $499.99
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