Hilux 250TA Curing Light
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Product ID: L009-250TA    Category: CURING LIGHTS
Hilux 250TA Curing Light
The Hilux 250TA Fast Halogen Curing Light features consistent high power output (900-1100 mw/cm2), for 10 second curing of most composites. The 250TA features one hand operation, 10-90 second timer cycles, seven mounting options, new low IR filter, quiet thermo controlled fan and pass/fail radiometer. The unit comes with both a tapered 13mm to 8 mm Turbo-Accelerator light guide and an 11mm light guide. The Hilux 250 offers performance and affordability backed by a two-year hassle free warranty.
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  • Item #: L009-250TA

Hilux 250TA Curing Light

Price: $769.99
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