Hilux 601 Curing Light
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Product ID: L009-601    Category: CURING LIGHTS
The Hilux 601 Fast Halogen Curing Light features 5 second curing and user defined settings for all curing and bleaching procedures. A new electronic voltage regulated transformer produces 1150-1400 mw/cm2 of constant curing power. The light intensity can be varied by a control on the hand piece and calibrated with a built in radiometer. Ramp curing mode increases power gradually during the first 25% of the selected timing cycle when activated. Digital timer allows the timing cycle to be set in one-second increments up to 90 seconds and 20 minutes for bleaching procedure. The new low RPM sensor controlled fan is quiet and allows continuous operation. The new ergonomic handgun design reduces fatigue and allows one hand operation. The unit comes with two light guides, an 11mm and a 13mm tapered to 8mm Turbo Accelerator, remote handpiece holder and a hassle free two year warranty.                                              


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  • Item #: L009-601

Hilux 601 Curing Light

Price: $859.99
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