Litex 695 LED Curing Light
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Litex 695 LED Curing Light
The Litex 695 LED Curing Light offers a smooth and contoured ergonomic design for maximum comfort and easy cleaning. The Litex 695 LED Curing Light has an easily located thumb-control setting for timer and intensity in a two-stage polymerization curing light. Two-stage polymerization with initial lower intensity prior to higher intensity results in less shrinkage stress. Light intensity of 1,200mW/cm2 cures composite in 10 seconds/ 4mm. Curing cycle can be interrupted manually with one-touch trigger button. No more bulbs to replace with average LED life of 100,000 hours. Standard package includes an autoclavable light guide with full 360 degree rotation and safety eye protection shield.
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  • Item #: 695LED

Litex 695 LED Curing Light

Price: $369.99
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