TELEREX Video X-ray Film Viewer
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  1. Special CCD & LED technology offers instant viewing of dental X-ray film on a TV or computer monitor.
  2. View old X-ray film or digitize and archive it tyour computer.
  3. Optional USB VideGrabber enables the Telerex tconnect tyour computer via the USB port.
  4. Improves communication between doctor and patient with enlarged viewing.
  5. Compact and stylish design with spring loaded film tray.
  6. Special film adapter included for Pedsize X-ray film. 

Specifications:100-240V AC
NTSC or PAL available
Dimensions:L90 x W90 x H70 mm
Accessories: Control Box, AV cable, Pedo film adapter frame, AC power adaptor and cable


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TELEREX Video X-ray Film Viewer

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